By Sophia Doan

Birds soar over the mountains by day 

The warm sunlight beaming it’s radiant light 

On their backs

They sing their songs of joy 

They chirp and caw 

Laughing at the trivial problems 

Of this world

Fireflies flutter in the dark at night 

Only the light of the moon illuminating 

their path 

They dance under the stars 

As the the rest of the world 


Orcas leap through the ocean 

Showing off their flips

Their piano like perfect physique 

Goes flashing through the air 

Before crashing back down into the water

Animals dance through life 

With no worries 

Beyond what to eat that day 

To have the life of a animal 

Whether they 

Soar through the air like a bird 

Flutter in the night like a firefly 

Leap through the ocean like an orca

Or slither around the earth like a snake.