A Carousel of Emotions

By Mia Hanuska

a fictitious fortress i build of clay

a place where only i can stay

“words never harm me” i say

but still i get forced away

Ubiquitous in my life I see

A million amazing opportunities

But one stood greatly out to me

Someone with whom I can be free

my confidence they devour

left alone without power

i hide it all and cower

behind the only prospering flower

I block out their jealous jeers

And my contentment reappears

I save my joy with a new peer

And quickly wipe away my tears

a perfect me i build of glass

it takes me to my every class

they can’t see through me as i pass

the pressure continues to amass

My fears begin to dissolve

As my mindset slowly evolves

Around them my world no longer revolves

Although my questions have yet to be solved

then i yelp and remember

when i joined that november

and my world flared like an ember

i thought that it’d last forever

Now with others my bucket I fill

And I’m helped over my hills

But I need more clean water still

To rescue and heal my wilted lil