Political Protest in Peru

By Adam Sarsfield

Due to political unrest in the South American country of Peru, a series of political movements called for the resignation and removal of President Dina Bolurate and the reinstitution of former President Pedro Castillo. The reason behind their political unrest held many different demands including the removal of President Bolurate, the dissolution of Congress, a constituent assembly, and immediate general elections. The protesters began their demonstrations in Lima, Peru around late December 2022. Their erratic and numerous demands in hand that there are no glorified leaders of their cause only groups of people who all hold a belief in the same cause creates a problem for the local police to calm the mob of protesters down as they have no single person to communicate with. The protest began as a peaceful movement to show support for President Castillo however recently violence has broken out among protestors and police in more than three different cities across Peru. The violence began in Andahuaylas after a horde of over 3,000 demonstrators took two police officers hostage and demanded a “prisoner exchange”. Hearing this the National Police of Peru (PNP) sent special forces in order to return the police officers safely. This would be the PNP’s first major mistake as two days after the prisoners were taken the PNP opened fire on protesters, killing two and injuring many more. Following the shooting, the Peru Government entered a state of emergency claiming they will be removing some constitutional protections from citizens including the freedom of assembly and the rights preventing troops from staying within private homes and buildings. Due to the shooting many protesters have begun a violent streak to achieve their goals with over 50 injuries among police and protesters alike and at least five dead. The events are still unfolding so the result of the protest will be seen in the future with no clear side coming out triumphantly.