The Road Ends 

By Rachel Walker

After all the heartbreak and adversity the Buffalo Bills went through this year, the road has come to an end. Although they were picked as Super Bowl favorites they feel short. “There was no energy,” recounts Bills linebacker Matt Milano. When the Bills played the Bengals from the opening kickoff the team looked flat. Towards the end of the game, tensions ran high causing Stefon Diggs to yell at the offensive, in particular Josh Allen, on the sidelines. Many sports analysts were put off by Diggs reaction, going so far as to say he should be kicked off the team. Sean Mcdermont told reporters he appreciates Diggs’ passion to win. Furthermore he stated how he was present for the team meeting at the end of the game “and that’s what matters.” Since the season has ended the Bills have re-signed 14 of their players, including all pro safety Jordan Poyer. As far as the offseason goes the Bills need to re-evaluate their defensive attack and their defensive coordinator. Although during the season the Bills were 1st and 2nd in defense, during the playoffs they fell short…again. This has been the same story for the last three years. Many fans agree the current defensive coordinator Lessile Frazier needs to go.  The defensive players are good as a whole, however the way they choose to attack and play zone coverage in almost every game isn’t working, but it hasn’t changed in the last three years at all. With a new defensive coordinator the Bills will be better off in the playoffs next year. Although the Bills fell short the team is still young with the exception of a few players . Josh has proved himself again this season, despite battling a lingering elbow issue. During the offseason Allen plans to work closely with his throwing coach since his injury caused him to change his throwing motion as a whole. As far as Sean Mcdermot goes he has been nominated for the fourth year in a row as “Best Coach” at the NFL Honors. 

Though this team has much to learn and adjust during the offseason, their run isn’t over. Although they lost in the divisional round they won the AFC East for the third year in a row. The Bills have some work to do, but come this time next year, the Bills will be back on top.