The Pogues Are Back In Town!

By Madeline Crowley

Netflix recently announced the long awaited season three of Outer Banks. OBX 3 drops on February 23rd, giving us all something to look forward to once again! Mark your calendars everyone and catch up on sleep! Only 17 more days until 10 full new episodes of the thrilling adventure for treasure and exploration of pougelandia are binged all in the span of one night. In case you forgot, season two left us on our toes as the crew worked to clear John B’s name in the cut, and continued their search for the prized heirloom, the cross of Santo Domingo. In season three we can hopefully look forward to a father son reunion for John B and possibly a little more flirtation between Kiara and JJ, or even between Pope and Cleo. However, acknowledging that Sarah has been shot, Pope suffered a severe allergic reaction, and John B almost swallowed whole by an alligator in previous seasons, there’s also a great likelihood that one of our beloved Pogues will actually die as so many of them have escaped near death too many times to keep getting lucky. Additionally, a Rutledge family reunion could also bring major divide between the crew as Pope will still be super fixated on tracking down his family cross while John B will be so focused on helping his dad with the gold. Sadly, John’s dad could be a selfish gold seeker. He may end up wanting to keep the gold to himself rather than sharing with the rest all of John’s friends whom he doesn’t know very well. Most importantly, we can always count on some great action from our favorite Pogues and the summer excitement we get as they explore the Outer Banks.