Mr. Not So Irrelevant

By Lauren Marino 

Brock Purdy, also known as Mr. Irrelevant, was chosen by the San Francisco 49ers to complete the 2022 NFL draft. He earned his nickname by being selected as the 262nd overall draft pick in 2022, therefore he was last year’s Mr.Irrelevant, but is that nickname still appropriate? On December 4, 2022 Jimmy Garoppolo suffered a severe foot injury in the first quarter of the game against the Miami Dolphins. Prior to Garappolo getting injured, starting 49er quarterback Trey Lance also suffered a broken ankle earlier in the season, so who is up next? 23 year old rookie quarterback Brock Purdy made his NFL debut that day. It’s safe to say Purdy did not disappoint. ​​ Purdy went on to complete 25 of 37 passes for 210 yards, two TDs and one pick to come out with a win. Since his NFL debut he has been undefeated and is now leading the Niners to the NFC championship game against the Philadelphia Eagles.  He was a four year starter at Iowa State where he set many school records and is one of the schools many legends. The rookie is predicted to be the starting quarterback for next season unless significant progress is made with Lance or Garappalo. Niners fans did not know what to expect with a new rookie quarterback, but he succeeded the expectations by far, leaving Niner nation loving their new quarterback, Brock Purdy, or no should I say Mr. Relevant.