Bye Bye, Babybel

By Keira De Vita

As elementary school drifted into the vivid, distant past, so did Babybel cheese. Wrapped in wax, Babybel cheese is a staple snack for every child: not me, though. I still remember the texture of that red wax, the awful smell the cheese left behind—all seared into my brain. Thankfully, Babybel cheese instantly phased out of the lives (and lunch boxes) of all my peers after we ‘graduated’ fifth grade. Every so often, while grocery shopping, I catch a glimpse of the Babybel packages on display; but outside of the store, it is like this horrid cheese no longer exists. 

Attachment to unnecessary things in life is something I have perfected down to a tee. For goodness’s sake, I do not even like Babybel cheese, and it somehow remains a staple memory. Maybe the market colors draw my attention; maybe the wax is the selling point. But whatever it is, Babybel, keep doing it.