Ways to Honor Black History Month

By Amelie Arango

  1. Support Black-owned businesses in the Bay Area: 
  • Lunch Box: 1876 W. San Carlos St., San Jose, 408-287-3511
  • Luv’s Brownies: San Jose-based dessert truck at farmers market, events, http://www.luvsbrownies.com
  • Mudai Ethiopian Restaurant: 503 W. San Carlos St., San Jose, 408-292-2282
  • Nirvana Soul Coffee: 315 S. First St., San Jose, http://www.nirvanasoulcoffee.com
  • Nita Bee’s Specialty Bakery: Pickup and delivery from Santa Clara-based bakery. 408-246-4570; http://www.nitabees.com
  • Sandi’s Cobbler Cup Catering: Based in Santa Clara; Sandiscatering.com
  • Spicy Roy’s Caribbean Grill: Order for pickup in San Jose or delivery. http://www.spicyroysgrill.com
  1. Donate to anti-racism organizations: 
  • NAACP 
  • ACLU Racial Justice Program 
  • Equal Justice Initiative 
  • People’s Breakfast Oakland 
  • National Lawyers Guild, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
  1. Learn about prominent Black figures in history that you might not have learned about in class: 
  1. Visit the African American Heritage House in San Jose 
  1. Learn about the history of prominent African American figures in San Jose: