Warrior Wardrobe: George Bilionis 

By Melania Metanovic 

Senior, George Bilionis, undoubtedly embodies the characteristics of a true fashion icon. With his recognizable wear of flip-flops, George captures the true definition of style. Keep reading to get insight into the icon’s fashion favorites: 

Describe your style in three words:

Flip flops yeee.

Who is/are your fashion icons? 

I don’t have a fashion icon. I just dress the way I want to and it’s not always fashionable but it gets the job done. As long as my clothes are washed and aren’t tattered or torn I’ll just throw them on.  

What is a go-to item in your closet?

Well, besides my flip-flops I like to wear pajamas a lot. But a go-to would probably be the fuzzy jacket I just got for Christmas. It’s comfortable. I also like Carhartt sweaters.

Where do you get your clothes from?

Well, being the size I am it’s difficult to find clothes. There’s a place called DXL that carries big/tall-sized clothes so I go there sometimes. Otherwise, I’ll search random websites online. There’s a nice one called KingSized that has lots of comfy clothes for goliaths like myself.

What is a fashion trend you love?

I don’t know if this is a trend but I like when people wear casual and comfortable clothing out. I see nothing wrong with wearing pajamas 24/7. Dress to feel good, not to impress. Especially if you’re going to be at school for 6 hours, just wear something that feels good. 

What is a fashion trend you hate?

I don’t really like modern abstract looks. I mean sure it’s an interesting way to express yourself but personally most of the time it just looks goofy. A simple pair of shorts/pants with a shirt or hoodie does the job for me. 

What are some fashion tips you have?

I mentioned this a bit earlier but I’d say to just dress comfortably. I find I am most productive when I’m nice and comfy. If I’m wearing something too fashionable that I’m not used to wearing I might find myself constantly adjusting my clothes and just overall being uncomfortable. At the end of the day, you should just dress how YOU want to. Don’t let others or society, in general, dictate what you wear. 

Why do you wear flip-flops so much?

I get asked this question a lot. Rain or shine you will almost always catch me wearing flip-flops. And yes, my dogs do get cold. I do it mainly because it’s convenient to just slip on something as I walk out the door. I’m a terrible planner, so setting aside even 30 seconds to put on socks and shoes is difficult for me. Slipping on flip-flops as I rush out of the house running late to ASB in the morning is easy. Plus, I have size 18 feet so it’s a nightmare finding shoes. No store offers my size so I can’t go shopping and try on a bunch of different pairs to find the right one. I order online and I usually just make do with whatever comes in. My feet have room to breathe in flip-flops, and they’re not constrained by my shoe surrounding them. Ultimately, I wear flip-flops because they’re convenient and comfortable. My dogs love the fresh air.