Carhartts Are On

By Collin Murray

With workwear like Dickies and Carhartt becoming increasingly popular over the past few years, many have taken a very strict stance on workwear’s place in the fashion world. Those in favor agree that pieces like Carhartt jackets and double-knee pants offer a great combination of simple fashion, utility, and durability. On the contrary, many older, usually blue-collar workers who utilize these items of clothing for work argue that youngins are hogging items from these brands and don’t use them for their given purpose. 

Another particularly pertinent issue with workwear (and virtually every fashion trend) is resellers. Those who find some old Carhartt pants or  a jacket at the thrift store to resell them online for $150. I think both those in favor and those against can agree that these leeches are the real problem with secondhand fashion.