It Would Be A Hit

By Keira De Vita

When Midnights by Taylor Swift hit music platforms, Swift’s usual partnership with Target became the center of attention. With Target’s exclusive lavender edition of the Midnights CD, Swift provided fans with three additional songs: “Hits Different”, “You’re on Your Own, Kid” (Strings Remix), and “Sweet Nothings” (Piano version). The last thing Taylor Swift should be working on is another “Anti Hero” remix when all Swift’s fans desperately desire is for “Hits Different” to hit Spotify. 

One of the most incessant trends throughout Twitter, Tik Tok, and Instagram formulates to be a rally of desperate fans who enjoy this Target exclusive song. The struggle illuminates bright by the fact the only way to listen to this song is via CD or unethically recorded and put on YouTube by users. This rally of support for “Hits Different” easily amounts to enough proof that this song would flourish on Spotify and dominate the charts. 

“Hits Different” is a song by Taylor Swift in which the artist sings about countless nights she has lost, losing sleep over a guy she cannot get over but must be with. The upbeat tempo and use of instruments hides the fact that Swift mourns the residual ever lasting thought of the male character. “It hits different, It hits different cause it’s you” Swift proclaims. The characters the media has cursidly crafted about the blonde artist are those of wildness, a serial dater, someone who ‘cannot keep a man’. In Midnights along with past albums like Reputation she absorbs this role the media has granted her. The male character in the song is someone she knows she cannot date and must get over. The difficulty rests in her truth; The male character is different. They have such a different relationship ‘than all the other ones’, such a deep connection, Swift finds letting go an impeccably difficult task. “The beating of the metaphor is simple enough,” Taylor Swift loves this man. The lyricism so gracefully encapsulates the listener that they get lost in the song. The passion and the love escalate as the song continues. 

Easily becoming a fan favorite and excelling most reviews, Taylor Swift obviously needs to find a way to release “Hits Different” on streaming platforms.