Go Bru’s! Go Blue!

By Melania Metanovic 

The 2022 Women’s College Cup final was a great comeback story, as the UCLA Bruins won their first national title since 2013 and coach Margueritte Aozasa became the first rookie coach in NCAA women’s soccer to win it all. Aozasa was a 4-year starter at Santa Clara University and grew up playing at MVLA Mountain View’s competitive soccer club—homegrown!

Eighty minutes in and with a two-goal lead, the University of North Carolina-branded champions’ t-shirts were being unboxed and prepared for the Tar Heels. But then UCLA made things very interesting. 80 minutes in, the Bruins scored their first goal of the game, putting the score at 2-1. However, their efforts seemed a little too late. As the clock ticked under 30 seconds, UNC was ready to take another national championship title, but then UCLA’s Reilyn Turner turned the excitement up. She headed a corner kick into the top of the net to tie up the game. Then came double overtime. Minutes before the end of OT, the Bruins took a shot on goal, but it was deflected by UNC goalkeeper Emmie Allen. Then UCLA forward Maricarmen Reyes took a shot off the deflection and scored, putting the Bruins in the lead. Reyes fell to the ground in disbelief and was surrounded by her joy-filled teammates. When she emerged from the pile, she was shedding a few tears but had gained a lifelong memory.

This was the first time a team came back from being down two goals to win the national championship. It was also only the second time the Bruins had even seen a two-score deficit this season. Maybe add something to wrap up their season? Looks great otherwise.