Black Student Union

By Raven Carthon 

Although the black population of Westmont does not have the most prevalence, the Black Student Union is the perfect club in order to get black students together. Every other Wednesday, students gather in Room 34 in order to have a safe space for black students to collaborate and share ideas with one another. In most meetings, you can find students working on new projects in order to express the black student voice to the Westmont environment. 

Due to the small population of black students at Westmont, the Black Student Union works to recruit all that they can into the club in order to create a healthy space between students. Although this club is a good source for black students, it is also open to students of all races. The BSU firmly believes in the importance of alliance, prompting the need for more members outside of the black students. 

In their most recent event, the BSU partnered with ASB to coordinate a “Walk to School Day” in which they remembered the bravery of Ruby Bridges, the first black girl to attend an all-white school. For this walk, they arrived at San Tomas Park and walked a mile to school holding posters and wearing pins commemorating the day.  Later, they hope to plan other events such as movie nights in order to bring the community together to share entertainment that everyone can enjoy, and even a group painting of a mural on school grounds, commemorating black icons. 

If you are interested in collaborating with black students in order to create a more inclusive environment, or even just having a safe space to hang out with other black students you can contact Mrs. Hopkins at