Snazzy Crocs

Chic, stylish, and glamorous, Crocs have become increasingly popular this year. With a variety of styles for different occasions (including Paris Fashion Week), the fashionable shoes can be worn anywhere. Want to make a statement at a fancy event? Balenciaga has a pair of high heeled crocs for a measly fee of $625 dollars. Looking for a new platform shoe? Balenciaga offers platform crocs in a plethora of different colors and styles (including boot crocs) for the low price of $800 and up. 

However, for people looking for a less unreasonable option, Crocs also offers clogs ranging from $25 to $80. For just $49.99, anyone can get a new pair of classic clogs. These come in multitudes of different colors and styles. Crocs even offers a snazzy Lightning McQueen option. Along with these fashionable items, Crocs also sells sandals, slides, platforms, wedges, flip flops, boots, sneakers, and slippers. Too chilly outside to wear sandals? No worries, Crocs also sells fuzzy clogs and sandals. With a warm sherpa material on the inside, these Crocs will keep anyone nice and toasty in the winter months. Hate seeing other people’s feet? Crocs solves this huge (and real) problem. Unlike many other sandals, Croc clogs fully cover people’s toes (a stylistic choice that I fully understand and appreciate). 

Although spending $50 on a pair of plastic shoes seems truly unreasonable, I actually do think that Crocs are worth it (if you buy them on sale). I wear my Crocs everywhere; I rep them while working, while going shopping, while running errands, and even while walking around in my house. The super comfortable foam material and easy to put on style makes the shoes incredibly appealing to wear. Truly, I love my Crocs. I highly recommend investing in a pair if you see them for a reasonable price while shopping.