The Best Hot Chocolate Mixes

By Amelia Lipcsei 

I adore hot chocolate. I love the warmth it brings on a chilly day. I love the variety of flavors it has. But most of all, I love the festive feeling that comes from drinking a warm cup of the delicious mixture. Throughout my years of being a hot chocolate lover, I’ve tried many different varieties: instant packets, syrups, even melted chocolate. But, even with all of the methods I have tested, I always come back to the same two mixes—the Trader Joe’s Instant Packets of Organic Hot Cocoa Mix and the Trader Joe’s Peppermint Hot Chocolate. 

Although both mixes are incredible, I would recommend the instant packets to people who prefer a richer and creamier chocolate flavor. These packets may be the best thing I have ever tasted. Chocolatey and smooth, the packets provide an easily incorporated mixture that blends well with any liquid (although I strongly recommend trying them with whole milk). 

On the other hand, the Peppermint hot chocolate provides a much more flavorful experience. For people who love sticking candy canes in their hot chocolate, this drink is truly perfect. Combining creamy chocolate with delicious peppermint, the hot chocolate mixture blends the best of both worlds. Unlike the instant packets, this mixture has some chocolate flakes in it, so it takes longer to mix into a liquid. However, I think that the delectable flavor combination makes up for the longer time it takes to make. For anyone looking for a great hot chocolate mixture, I strongly recommend trying either of these two amazing options!