Right on, Ryder!

By Ojas Joshi

Making a splash in and out of the classroom, Junior Ryder Adams can be found making an impact all over Westmont’s campus. A member of Waterpolo and Swimming, Ryder strives to create a welcoming environment on his teams by positively influencing his peers. 

“Ryder is such a huge asset to the team,” says his water polo teammate, freshman Amanda Tran. Sophomore teammate Giuseppe Cusmano enthusiastically states, “Ryder is an exceptional teammate because he always makes sure you know what you are doing and he always takes the time to answer any of your questions.” Unequivocally, Ryder is integral to the success of Westmont aquatics. Keep reading to find out more about the sensational Ryder Adams:

What sports do you play at Westmont?

I am a part of water polo and swimming.

How long have you been playing these sports?

I have been playing water polo for four years and have been swimming since I was a youngin [kid].

Who is a professional athlete you look up to, and why?

I idolize Klay Thompson because of his skill and humbleness.

What is your favorite aspect of playing sports at Westmont? 

I especially enjoy representing Westmont in competitions.

What are some of your hobbies outside of water polo/swimming?

I love fishing and mountain biking.

Favorite post-game grub?

Burritos from Rojos Wraps.