What’s Happening Now In Sports? 

By Rachel Walker 

October is an eventful month in the world of sports. With many things starting and ending this month, staying informed can be challenging. Here is a recap of all that you may have missed this month. 

In baseball, playoffs started at the beginning of the month. After battling all month, the Phillies and the Astors meet in a thrilling seven-game series. Originally a wild card, the Phillies beat three talented teams, including last year’s champions to get to the World Series. The Astros had an easier route, only having to win two games. In the end, the Astors stood victorious winning the series 4-2. This year’s World Series MVP was Jeremy Peña. With a .253 average and the first rookie shortstop to win a golden glove, there is no question he delivered this year for the Astors. 

            The trade deadline was eventful until the end when ten teams made trades within the last hour, the most in NFL history. However, some teams didn’t wait until the end. On October 21, Christin McCaffrey was traded to the Niners for 4 2023 draft picks. Other notable trades include Robbie Anderson’s move to the Cardinals, Chase Claypool’s departure from the Steelers to join the Bears, and Nyheim Hine’s move to the Buffalo Bills. Through week eight, the Eagles still remain undefeated, most recently beating the Houston Texans. The Buffalo Bills have the second-best record in the NFL, losing only one game. On Sunday night the Bills battled the Packers winning 27 to 17. On the flip side, the Houston Texans and Detroit Lions have the worst record currently with both teams only securing one win thus far. 

              Hockey is back in full swing! Boston and Las Vegas both have ten wins, leading their conference. Six teams, one being the Sharks, have only secured three wins. Last year’s basketball champions, The Warriors,  aren’t off to a great start, losing six out of the last eight. The Bucks and Suns currently lead their conference securing seven wins.