Criminal of the Year

By Jen Mejia

Alexander James O’Connor, also known by his stage name Rex Orange County, has released some very catchy tunes recently. The release of the album Who Cares  on March 11, 2022 skyrocketed and even had a few songs trend on TikTok. Due to this, he gained even more popularity than he already had gained because of his song “Best Friend,” with 525 million streams. 

In early October, news arose that Rex Orange County had been charged with six counts of sexual assault. Just hearing this news broke so many of his fans. Some fans with tattoos stated on Twitter that they were devastated. O’Connor was surprised by these allegations, leading to him pleading not guilty on all counts. After pleading, he was released on unconditional bail, where the courts believe he is not a present danger to society.  He is set to have his trial date on January 23, 2023, so meanwhile we can all just sit and listen to Omar Apollo instead.