Reggae Fridays 

By Melania Metanovic 

Every Friday, in Room 30, you can find AP Psychology teacher, Denise Picard, playing her favorite reggae tunes throughout the day. Walking into Picard’s room on “Reggae Friday” gives off the best vibes, leaving you in the best mood when you leave her class. Reggae is a popular style of music that originated in Jamaica in the 1960s but quickly spread throughout the world through Britain, the United States, and Africa. Reggae music combines the intensity of soul music, the light touch of ska, and the spiritual center of Jamaican beats. The music is known for its rhythmic patterns heard through percussion, bass lines, and rhythm guitar parts. Here are a few of Picard’s favorite reggae songs and why she enjoys listening to them: 

1. “Reggaemylitis” by Peter Tosh

If I had to pick one reggae song for the rest of my life, it would be this. The best. 

2. “Natty Dread” by Bob Marley 

“Just like a bright and sunny day, we’re gonna have it our way.” This sums it up.

3. “Positive Vibration” (live) by Ziggy Marley

Psychology says listening to happy music makes you happier. This song is so happy.

4. “Nothing But Love” by Ziggi Recado

One of my favorite songs from a current reggae artist.

5. “Good Ways” by Sizzla

Sizzla is a legend. “Good ways – it gives you the length of days.” 

Take a listen to these songs to get that “Reggae Friday” feeling!