By Kendall Albrecht

Spirit weeks, dances, rallies, and football games — all high school experience staples — take place at Westmont all thanks to one zero-period class. ASB students constantly put in hours of dedicated work, ensuring that the Warriors never lose spirit. Varsity cheerleader Catherine Mirada expresses her appreciation by saying, “the energy and enthusiasm brought to football games by ASB’s spirit leaders takes the excitement of cheering to the next level.” By organizing everything from dances and fundraisers to decorations around the school, ASB acts as the glue holding our school together. Without the contributions of ASB students, Westmont would not be nearly the same. Recognition for our fantastic student section and meaningful traditions such as Winter Wishes are made possible through this class’s extensive planning. Junior Ava Luna Garcia states, “ASB truly makes Westmont a better place.”  Creating the school we know and love, these hardworking students should never be taken for granted. All the Warriors owe a big thanks to Westmont ASB!