Ambitious Amherst 

By Jacqui McLean

Amherst College is a small, private, liberal arts college in Massachusetts. In fact, it is ranked second in the country for liberal arts colleges and overall a top 30 college. Amherst College offers 41 different majors, but allows for the student to create their own discipline and take courses in whichever study they choose. The school also focuses on small classes to create a more personalized education. As an open curriculum school, Amherst prides itself on providing the most comprehensive and flexible education opportunities. 

Along with a top-tier education, Amherst College yields ample activities and an excellent campus life experience. Although located in a small town area, the school has its own nature preserve and farm on campus! Students are able to be a part of the beautiful wildlife and nature while in the comfort of their own dorm.  With over 97% of students living on campus, the school ensures that the campus is filled with creative opportunities. The school frequently has language learning activities, study groups, food frenzy activities, and service opportunities. The school is also home to 27 Division 3 sports teams.  

Considering the notoriety and quality education of the school, it is no surprise that it is also quite difficult to get into. With an acceptance rate of around 10%, Amherst only accepts the most qualified applicants. The average student at Amherst scored between a 1440 and 1570  on the SAT or an ACT score of 32 and 35. It is recommended that students who want to go to Amherst focus on obtaining mostly A’s in their high school classes, as well as taking challenging courses to demonstrate their academic potential.