I’m Watching You

By Cynthia Andary and Haris Kadich

“The Watcher,” released in 2022, is a Netflix series loosely telling the chilling true story of a young family who purchased a home in Westfield, New Jersey. The joyful family, who were eagerly beginning a new chapter in their lives, had no way to foresee the torment an anonymous stalker would cause them. Shortly after moving into the house, they encountered several strange neighbors who were closely watching and interested in their home. They overlooked the neighbors until they started receiving frightening letters in the mail that claimed to be someone watching them. The person writing and sending the letters, even found out the kids names and used it to further scare the parents. Strange occurrences inside the house followed this first letter. The family pet was found dead in the middle of the night, random people were getting into the house. They believed that someone was in their house but after installing alarms they still could not figure out how they were getting inside. Until, construction in the basement led to a discovery of underground tunnels leading to rooms beneath the house. The rooms appeared to be occupied. This was when they realized that this person has been under their noses the whole time. Till this day no one knows who the watcher is. The show does a great job at depicting how friends, neighbors, strangers, and even authorities were suspicious. We definitely recommend this thrilling series for those who enjoy mysterious and mind boggling stories.