Warriors Hoco Swag

By Madeline Crowley

Although only 4 days long this year, Westmont’s homecoming week brought maximum spirit through its dress up days and warrior fashion. 

Starting spirit week off strong, sophomore Alexia Gourvennec and freshman Amanda Tran pose for a picture in their Airport spirit day outfits! Alexia Gourvennec exclaims, “everyone commented on it either being super cute or grandma pjs but either way it was super comfy and a good excuse to wear it because personally I think it’s a cute set”.  She got this outfit along with her suitcase from her mom’s closet!

On Tuesday of spirit week, Lily Bourne and Keira Devita showed up in their tacky tourist spirit day fashion! Keira thrifted her top from goodwill but the brand is Character Club. Her shorts, purchased at goodwill as well, are from Old Navy. Lily borrowed her floral Hawaiian shirt from her best friend’s grandpa, took the hat from her dad, and purchased her shorts from Forever 21! All the little accessories such asKeira’s hat, Lily’s sunscreen face paint, and lei added the perfect touch to these fashionable tourist looks.

One of the many fun pastimes at homecoming is seeing everyones dresses and outfits for the dance! In case you missed out on these, here are a few stylish looks from our homecoming night!

Sophomore Sophia Chappars wore a flattering white Zara dress, with shoes from Macys, and a nice Gucci necklace!

Freshman Quinn Corbett took a unique approach and found her gorgeous blue dress at Goodwill for only 6 dollars! Quinn says, “I got many compliments and I think I looked really good”.

Gizelle Goodman, sported a classic yet pretty dress from Target and Converse shoes. 

She noted that her favorite part was that it was, “very comfortable to move around in!”

Matching perfectly with the background in her homecoming pictures sophomore Valerie Garcia Vallejo purchased her flattering green dress from Zara! She mentions that the outfit impacted her night at homecoming because it allowed her to move comfortably and have a great time!

Daniel Acosta showed up in style to homecoming with his friends this year and accessorized his outfit with the light up bracelets given out to all dance guests.

Daniella Baranchuk bought her outfit at Tj Maxx and Steve Madden this year! Overall, she was happy with her look and made some new friends by bonding over outfits!

Emily Burich dressed in this captivating purple dress for her very last homecoming at Westmont! She purchased this masterpiece from Nordstrom.

Faith Gonia came in a gorgeous red dress! She bought the whole look from Macy’s, Target, and Lulus! Her comment on the outfit was that “it held up through three hours of dancing, so I’m thankful for that!”

The stunning Amnah Jafar thrifted her entire homecoming look besides her earrings! Detailing the outfit she explains “this dress is literally the dress of my dreams and I absolutely freaked out when I found it in the shop. It made me feel awesome!”

Kelen Garcia was a showstopper at homecoming in the beautiful white dress she ordered from Amazon a few days before the dance. Surprisingly this masterpiece was not her first choice, but she had to wear it because the original dress she ordered online never showed up!

Charlize Muyco creatively dyed her homecoming dress to a beautiful blue color from the original white dress she purchased at Beginning Boutique.

Keira Devita wore a glamorous Lucy in The Sky dress but was slightly unsatisfied with the length saying it “it was a little short and impacted my dancing to shake it off and style by taylor swift.”