Jumping Josie

By Larena Tannert

Westmont High School’s very own varsity libero, Josie Hansen, is a force to be reckoned with. Fierce and committed, Josie digs up every ball that comes her way. Along with her phenomenal volleyball skills, Josie is both kind and hardworking, on and off the court. She makes everyone laugh at practice, as well as providing a calming and reliable presence on the court. Katie Yee, a teammate and fellow libero of Josie’s says, “I’m so glad I met Josie during our first volleyball season together because we grew closer over time. She’s not only a great player, but she brings positive energy to the court by motivating us all the time.” Middle hitter Keira Devita shares her love for Josie saying, “Josie is one of the best teammates ever. She is super kind and an amazing player who is always there to cheer anyone up!”  One thing is for sure, everyone on the team adores Josie, and looks up to her hard work and dedication. A ball of energy, Josie can often be seen leaping around the court, diving for balls, or simply just hopping up and down with joy. Her energy is impossibly contagious, and I often find myself jumping with her. Here is an exclusive interview that I conducted with the wonderful Jumping Josie Hansen:

What is your favorite part of playing volleyball?

Hanging out with other girls who have the same hobbies as me and spending time with my friends.

How long have you been playing volleyball?

Since 5th grade (around 10 years old). 

What do you most look forward to this season?

My teammates, and hopefully winning more than last year. Spending my last year at Westmont playing volleyball with my teammates and friends from freshman year. 

How do you prepare before a game?

Listening to music, hyping up my teammates, and peppering with the best partner in the whole world, Larena Tannert, because she always has the best swings and we get loads of quality reps. 

What is your best memory from playing volleyball at Westmont?

This season’s first home game and league game against Sobrato. (We won!! 5 set thriller baby!!!!!!!!) The team had so much energy and got really hyped, especially at the end, which led to our amazing victory.

What is the all time best hype song? 

“It’s Like That” by Mariah Carey. I used to listen to it after tournaments with my best friend.

What is the best meal after a game? 

Pesto pasta and mint chocolate chip ice cream.