AOTI: Evan and Zach

By Amelie Arango 

In this issue, we highlight two awesome seniors in Cross Country: Zach Irwin and Evan Griffith. Both seniors are positive role models both in class and in sports. For the past four years, they have participated in many different activities on and off campus. Zach is also the Vice President of Key Club, along with participation in CSF, Red Cross, and Best Buddies. Evan is in Investment Club, Physics Club, and CSF.  Zach’s teammate, senior Ojas Joshi, mentioned, “I like that he is really nice and works hard.” Rachel Griffith, Evan’s sister, said, “Evan is an amazing teammate because he always knows how to encourage others and hype them up. Evan’s positive energy makes him super welcoming and a great addition to any team.”We got the chance to interview them about their athletic careers at Westmont. 

What sports do you play at Westmont? 

Zach: I run cross country and track. I also played soccer my freshman year. 

Evan: I play soccer and I run cross country. 

How long have you played these sports? 

Zach: I started running in sixth grade, so seven years for cross country and 6 for track. As for soccer, I’ve played since I was five. 

Evan: This is my fourth year for both. Fourth year for varsity soccer, and third year for varsity cross country.

What is your favorite thing about playing sports at Westmont?

Zach: For the cross country and distance track team, it feels more like a family than a team because of the connections we made. 

Evan: The community. I have many buddies/pals/peers/friends/family/homies/homeslices who participate in these sports with me, and share these experiences. While the actual sports are fun themselves, I believe the community is much more meaningful. 

Do you hope to continue your sporting career after high school?

Zach: Yes I do, hopefully in college and beyond that. 

Evan: To some degree, yes. I am not looking to participate in division sports in college, but I am definitely planning joining some intramural/club sports at the college I decide to attend. 

How do you think your teammates/classmates would describe you?

Zach: Diligent, hardworking, and caring. 

Evan: I think my teammates would describe me as tall, funny, motivating, optimistic, and extremely muscular. 

What is your favorite memory of playing a sport at Westmont? (Great play/victory/award)

Zach: My favorite memory is either the Mt. SAC trip with the cross country team my freshman year or the league finals meet on my birthday last year when we raced in the rain and mud. 

Evan: My favorite memory is when Amar Dudakia scored an absolute screamer on the soccer pitch. Using his weak foot, he perfectly executed a half volley and threaded the ball through the goalkeeper into the bottom left of the net. The crowd went wild. 

Anything else you want me to know? 

Zach: I’ve had an amazing experience competing alongside my teammates at Westmont and I’m proud of how the team has grown so much over the years. We’ve also got big things ahead of us this season. 

Evan: Westmont High School rules! Special shout-out to Eerav and Eeshan Kandikattu for being the best wingers that I know. 

We can’t wait to see where these two go in the future!