Youtube in ‘05

By Madeline Crowley

Founded on Valentines day in 2005, one of the most popular social media platforms today is YouTube. The idea of YouTube launched with the intention of giving people a place to upload videos to share to others. The first ever published YouTube video was titled “Me at the Zoo,” and it was a 19 second long video clip of a man talking about elephants. Since then, YouTube has changed drastically and has even been able to provide influencers with stable livelihoods. It began with many memes, how-to, and music videos people made. As it grew in popularity, influencers emerged by filming silly challenges, vlogs, and creating streaming services for video games. As a child, watching 5 Minute Craft, “try not to laugh,” and slime videos was an exciting thing to do. Whenever you wanted to learn how to make another type of rainbow loom bracelet, YouTube was where you looked. Nowadays, we use YouTube to watch Crash Course videos the night before a history test or learn how to do a math problem. No matter how YouTube evolves in the future, I feel that it will always be nostalgic to look back on how it started.