Visiting Lambeau

By Nick Murray

Lambeau Field–home of the Green Bay Packers and arguably the most famous stadium in football–you would be surprised how small the town is relative to the stadium. One second you’re in a normal suburb similar to Campbell, and the next thing you know the stadium jumps out from behind someone’s house. The stadium sees nearly 78 thousand fans each game, well above the league average attendance of 67 thousand, despite only 104 thousand people living in Green Bay. 

Before games, the stadium offers a multitude of activities and attractions to visit. Beginning on the outside, visitors can stroll through the neighborhood surrounding the stadium where die hard fans have painted famous Packers players over their fences or placed a human sized Lombardi trophy in their backyard. In fact, one neighbor converted the back of their house to match the facade of the stadium and converted their backyard lawn into a football field with miniature goal posts. 

Getting closer to the stadium, fans can walk through Title Town which is a large, outdoor shopping mall-esque square offering food and games as well as a sledding hill during the winter. Walking a little farther past the shopping center area, fans will find an NFL size football field and playground where kids and adults can throw the ball before the game. In addition, to the side of the field is a 40 yard dash timer where you can compare your speed to NFL players. 

Within the stadium grounds, visitors will find two massive statues, one of Packers founder Curly Lambo and the other of hall of fame Packers coach, Vince Lombardi. At 11:25, the stadium opens for fans to visit the Packers Hall of Fame and the pro shop. The Packers Hall of Fame is a two story museum within the stadium that houses various important pieces of Packes history including the organization’s 4 Super Bowl trophies, famous players Super Bowl rings and jerseys as well as thousands of other pieces of Packers history. 

When the game begins, new fans would be surprised to find that the stadiums doesn’t possess seats but rather metal bleachers so visitors are recommended to rent portable cushioned backrests for the game. Once you reach kickoff, enjoy the atmosphere and cheer for the Pack.