Macklemore’s Lyrical Masterpiece: “Thrift Shop”

By Olivia Pocat

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ “Thrift Shop” transports the listener into a new world: that of the thrift store. Macklemore highlights so many positives of thrift shopping, from saving money to gaining confidence, or finding unique items. The chorus highlights the opportunity of buying a plethora of used clothes with only “twenty dollars in my pocket.” Someone could go to Goodwill and maybe even run into Macklemore specifically because he emphasizes “you can find me in the bins” where he finds exquisite items for “99 cents.” The artist also emphasizes that you can gain confidence by buying clothes from the thrift shop. He feels incredible wearing “your grandads coat” as he “rocks that m*****f*****.” Shopping at thrift stores even consists of finding unique items: how would you feel about “rockin’ a wolf on your noggin,” “wearin’ a fur fox skin,” or even sporting “the Velcros?” I know I would feel pretty cool. So next time you feel like upgrading your wardrobe, visit your local thrift shop and keep Macklemore’s wise words in mind. 

Macklemore himself has so much to say about his hit song. “It’s a concept,” he realizes. It’s fresh, goes against the status quo, and has an infectious beat. The rest of The Heist, the album on which “Thrift Shop” appears, also features vocals with Macklemore’s unique style. “Wing$,” “White Walls,” “Can’t Hold Us,” and “Same Love” are some of my personal favorites. “Thrift Shop” starts off with a young kid exclaiming, “Hey Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping?”, which parallels the end of the song, where the same kid mocks Macklemore’s fashion choices: “Is that your grandma’s coat?” This illustrates Macklemore’s lyrical genius which he combines with his love of thrift shopping in this absolute banger. There’s even been a cover by KidzBop, providing a more kid-appropriate version which eliminates the common use of profanity in this jam. “Thrift Shop” has topped the charts all over the world, including in Australia and New Zealand. If you have time (or even if you don’t have time) listen to this lyrical genius of a song, and maybe DM Macklemore and let him know how much you love it too.