Without Music, Life Would B

By Jen Mejia 

Our school has a fantastic marching band team that spends a lot of time practicing for competitions, football games, and more. Jupiter Polevoi, a junior, stated that marching band practices for an average of 13 hours per week, including very sunny 8-hour practices on Saturdays. The marching band from Westmont gave a fantastic performance on August 25, 2022. Senior Brian Lu commented, “I am incredibly happy for the first game, and I can’t wait to play the fight song.”. The traditional fight song plays as soon as the football team scores. Their catchy beat captivated audience members throughout the whole student section. “The Little Prince” was performed during halftime, and the harmony was mesmerizing. Jasmin Huynh, a senior, said, “This is tight,” inferring that the drum major did a wonderful job, after the Westmont football team’s triumph. The drum majors provided an incredible performance that had the crowd incredibly enthusiastic. The Westmont community can not wait to see the upcoming band performances!