Why Are People Defending The Queen?

By Anjali Nayak 

Representing an obsolete separation of concentrated power, Queen Elizabeth II is not a death to mourn. Supporters of the late Queen admit to directly championing a colonizer, dictator and racist. After her death on September 8, 2022, I was astounded by the flock of reporters and writers rushing to her defense. Over 700,000 people came to see the queen lying in state, with mourners waiting up to 30 hours in a line stretching five miles long. Where is this zeal for the British monarchy coming from? Why are many willing to overlook the blatant crimes committed by the royal crown? 

Defending Queen Elizabeth II also indirectly defends the British monarchy. Monarchy is an ancient institution that completely dispels any form of meritocracy. The only thing Queen Elizabeth II had to do in order to gain as much power as she did, was to be born. The late Queen is acclaimed to have “modernized” and “progressed” the British empire, but only at the expense of numerous underdeveloped countries. Starvation and torcher ravaged the 70 territories inherited by Queen Elizabeth II. One of the most outrageous efforts to hold power is the introduction of Kenyan detention camps, which inspired both American slavery and Nazi concentration camps. Natives in these regions were treated with misconduct, often dying from starvation while the British empire prevailed from the large supply of free labor. Has the Queen attempted to acknowledge the perilous pursuits of the British empire? Nope. The leader of the “modern monarchy,” Elizabeth II never apologized for the mass destruction inflicted upon helpless countries. In fact, the Queen continued to flaunt the Cullinan Diamond, the largest diamond ever found that sits on top of the British crown. Found by South African miners, the Cullinan Diamond represents the epitome of absolute power and imperialism pursuit. 

Who knows? Maybe I’m part Irish.