Warrior Wardrobe: Sawyer Cadagan  

By Melania Metanovic 

Usually rocking baggy jeans and a beanie, senior Sawyer Cadagan can always be seen walking through the halls of Westmont in style. When not at school, Sawyer can be found working on cars and bikes. Classmate and senior Ojas Joshi says, “I like Sawyers’s specialized bicycle hats.”

Keep reading to learn more about Sawyer’s style!

Describe your style in a few words: 

Casual, simplistic 

Who is your favorite fashion icon: 

Honestly I don’t really have a specific one, I just make my own variation of something I see and like.

What is your go-to clothing item: 

Baggy jeans!!!!

Where do you like to shop: 

Most oftenly thrift stores.

How long do you spend choosing an outfit: 

About 5 mins.

What is a fashion trend you like: 

Baggy clothes.

What is a fashion trend you hate:

I don’t hate any particular trend, people can wear whatever they want.

What is some fashion advice you have:

Wear what you want, life is too short and people are too fake to care about if you get validation from someone else.