Ranking the Dashing Princes Of Disney 

By Rachel Walker 

  1. Flynn Rider 

Flynn Rider is an obvious first choice. Not only is he charming and dashing, but he is the ultimate gentleman. Although Flynn Rider was questionable at the beginning of the movie, his true character is later revealed. The looks he gives Rapunzel make anybody swoon.  Not to mention, he sacrificed his life for her well-being. Cutting her hair caused Mother Gothel to become old, finally bringing an end to Rapunzel’s imprisonment. While Flynn was dying, he mustered enough strength to tell Rapunzel,  “you were my new dream”. Those words uttered by Eugene show his true character and his deep love for Rapunzel, making everyone at home dream of one day finding a love like his. Flynn also has a sweet, silky voice which can be heard in the magical song “I See the Light.” His voice and charisma make him without a doubt one of the dreamest princes. Plus, he has great humor and a great smile. What is there not to love? Flynn is the real package deal when it comes to Disney Princes. 

  1. Prince Naveen 

Even though he was a frog for half the movie, Naveen is still very dreamy.  In The Princess and the Frog, he convinces Tiana to try new things, follow her dreams, and provide emotional support. Although at the beginning of the movie his big ego and narcissism make Tiana unsure, when he falls in love with Tiana he makes sacrifices such as working three jobs, so she can live her dream, even though he has never worked in his life. Naveen was in love with her and her personality, making sure he was able to give her what she needed in life. Furthermore, Naveen worked hard to gain Tiana’s approval and listen to what she teaches him, which is seen when he cooks for her. Naveen in the end puts his ego aside to do the best he can for her. His looks and character development is the reason he receives the number two spot.  

  1. Aladdin 

Although a thief, Aladdin puts in an enormous amount of effort to impress Jasmin. One scene in particular, he asks Genie for advice on how to compliment her and talk to her, out of fear he’ll make a fool of himself. However, Jasmin makes Aladdin realize he needs to be himself to earn her love, which he does. When Aladdin first sees her it’s love at first sight. Aladdin made sure she was able to make her own choices and be her own woman, something she never got to experience as a princess. Also, their first date was a magic carpet ride, which clearly tops all other dates. Aladdin and Jasmine have a forbidden relationship but that does not stop Aladdin from falling more and more in love with her.  His good looks and his efforts earn Aladdin the number three spot without a doubt. 

  1. Kristoph

At the fourth spot we have Kristoph. Although he’s not technically a prince he becomes one by marrying Anna. Kristoph is one of the only princes who truly cares about the well-being of his princess. He sacrifices himself to protect Anna and make sure she is safe. Even though Kristoph is in love with Anna, he takes Anna to Hans because in Anna’s mind, Hans is her true love. Kristoph protects Anna with everything he has and puts his life on the line for her. In addition to being adorable, he also comes from a humble background. Because he is the only prince who was not a prince at birth, he understands firsthand humble beginnings. Furthermore, his family life was rocky, just like Anna’s, so he appreciated the family Anna had left. It was clear the two needed each other. Watching young Kristoph and Sphen, tears stream down my face. He treats Anna the way she deserves to be treated and makes sure all her necessitates are met. Plus he has a good bond with Elsa which is important. Kristoph always accompanies Anna through her journeys and supports her through everything. Plus the way he looks at her with such love in his eyes is to die for. 

  1. Phillip

Prince Phillip is often forgotten about but, is a solid Disney Prince. First off, he is a great singer, which raises him in the ranks. Also, he is a total romantic which appeals to any hopeless romantics’ heart. In “Once Upon a Dream” Phillip even goes into detail about how Aurora is his dream. In many ways, Phillip is the Flynn Rider of the 20 century. He has a tremendous amount of courage and sacrifices his life for Aurora. He fights for her and ensures she is protected. Furthermore, he admired Aurora and took the time to get to know her true personality and not just her physical appearance. In addition, when he stumbled upon Aurora it was love at first sight. Phillip is a good Disney prince and a total romantic, however, he does not beat out any of the other Princes before him putting him at the five spot.

  1. Charming 

Prince Charming is a romantic, constantly recounts the love of his parents and dreams of a love like theirs. However, compared to the other five, he does not know Cinderella that well. Given the stretched truth of who she was, he doesn’t ask her many questions about herself. He does spend time to find her, which is sweet. Also, Charming does not care about class or money when he does learn her true identity, but it feels as though he knows very little about her. Yes, love, at first sight, is cute, but does he know anything about her besides her shoe size and that she can dance? He has decent looks, and a decent personality, searching far and wide for his true love, which says a lot. The extensive lengths Charming took to find Cinderella and his willingness to accept who she gives him the sixth spot. 

  1. Li-Shang 

Originally Li-Shang was higher, but it only made sense to move him down after taking into consideration all the other Disney princes. Li-Shang is a hard worker and wanted to carry out his legacy. As the two’s relationship develops he does his best to make sure the team works well, yet still strives for personal gain. Li-Shang was unaware Mulan was a woman, therefore, he fell in love with her, not with her looks. However, he almost kills her after knowing she faked her gender, but in the end, he wants to protect her and, like Mulan, makes sure to care for his family. His abanding of  Mulan is one of the reasons Li-Shang is ranked lower. However, later on, he develops a love for her and shows decent character development. Although he is one of the more attractive princes, because he was about to kill Mulan, and in the beginning showed aggression towards her, Li-Shang is seventh. 

  1. Eric 

Eric is kind of creepy. Ariel couldn’t speak or communicate… and he fell in love with her. What? Clearly he chooses looks over personality. The only way she shows her personality is through her cluelessness of the real world, which he finds amusing. He is attractive and does try to speak to her, but still she does not  speak. She is swept off her feet and is excited he takes her in, but it’s not like she had much of a choice. What’s she going to say? Also he does not  know anything about her, which is suspicious. In terms of Disney princes he just doesn’t  compare. Eric falling in love despite their language barrier could be seen as cute, like nothing can stop their love, but he does not know anything about her. “Kiss the Girl” is an iconic song and one of my favorite Disney songs, but they don’t communicate the whole boat ride. He mainly talks about himself, does not sound like a very successful date. Yet Eric and Ariel still kiss. Plus, he does not add much to their relationship. She saves him and he really does not do the same for her.  Furthermore, he does not have much of a personality compared to the others. Hopefully, the live-action gives him more of a personality, but for now, he will remain ranked in the eighth spot. 

  1. Florian

Florian is not really a main character in the movie. When people think of Snow White, Florian does not come to mind. In fact, the name probably does not ring a bell. He does spend a good amount of time looking for Snow White, but he is not a huge part of the movie. Obviously, he kisses her, but other than that what does he do? And again, he does not know her well. Florian has an idea in his head of who she is, but not much proof. In the movie, he is just kind of there. 

  1. Adam

For starters, Adam is a beast the whole movie until the last two minutes. He kidnaps Belle and threatens her, which is way too aggressive. He does have very good character development, but not good enough to boost him any higher. He originally uses Belle for personal gain and falls in love with her after she cares for him. Plus, he has no personality apart from the fact he is a beast and rejects everyone in his life. Also, the reason for his beastlinessis because he has no love in his heart and was rude to an enchantress, which gives him more personality, but really does not help his case. 

11. John Smith 

There is not much to say about John Smith except for he has really zero personality and is very creepy. Plus there is no way he beats out anyone in the top ten. Does he even love her? It’s hard to tell. She sacrifices everything for him and he does nothing. He plain sucks.  Nothing more needs to be said, except that he is clearly the worst.