Powerpuff Recap

By Madeline Crowley

Every year, a classic competition between classes in a game of flag football is the perfect start to Westmont’s homecoming week. This fall, on the Thursday before homecoming happenings, the freshmen went head to head against the sophomore team decked out in red.  The speedy wide receiver, Sophie Schwarz, scored the sophomores 2 touchdowns and win of 7-14 against the freshmen! Freshman quarterback, Lily Dyer, exclaims, “next year everyone will be better prepared for what to expect and we can focus on working more as a team.” The all-girls football teams put up a fight, however, the freshmen cheerleaders also stole the show with their enthusiastic cheers and cartwheels. 

On Tuesday, October 4, the senior team took a dub over the juniors, 21-9, as well. Although it is flag football, the juniors and seniors, both with fiery tempers to win, played a physically rough game. In the eyes of junior Eleanor Rodhouse, “most of the time if someone was to get roughed up a little, it would be followed with a tap on the shoulder to make sure the person was okay, which was good to see and experience.” The powerpuff superstar and senior, Jacqui McLean, recalls how “her team has improved tremendously from their freshmen year and she is sad to have played in her last powerpuff game but overall satisfied with the outcome of it.” Lastly, the notable senior cheerleaders halftime show featured the unforgettable George Bilionis front and center, performing a dance to Katy Perry’s California Girls. In the end, the spirit our powerpuff participants bring to Westmont is what makes it such a fun fall tradition we all look forward to.