Drumming in Style

By Ojas Joshi

“He scores!” exclaims the announcer as Westmont pounces to take an early 7-0 lead in a recent football game. Roaring to their feet, the crowd claps and screams in support. In the midst of all of this, Westmont’s finest marching band strikes up a jaunty tune, feeling out the beat of the crowd. Certainly, if one were to observe the band they would notice a beautiful pandemonium: senior Brian Lu waving his arms in indiscernible patterns, alumnus Ian Grosch cracking up at a joke he made, and, most importantly, the astounding drumline stylishly keeping the entire band in rhythm. 

I thought it was high time for an interview with Westmont’s notorious drumline. Who are they? What do they do? Do not worry, all of your burning questions shall be answered. I present to you, the Westmont Drum Line.

Who makes up the world-renowned Westmont drumline? 

Jayden Mandler-Sanders (snare), Bennett Kelly (snare), Thomas Le (bass), Ethan Chuang(tenors), Daniel Chen (bass), Gavin Abrigo (bass).

What is your favorite song to play at a game?

“Seven Nation Army”

What started the postgame drumline tradition?

“I have no idea,” says Bennett. Probably notorious alumnus Ian Grosch.

What are your hopes for drumline in the future?

To get a drumline award at a competition.

Do you love The Shield?