Autumn Wardrobe Fall Essentials

By Jen Mejia

The leaves changing colors means it is time to bring out the neutral colors; beige, brown, gray, white, and similar burnt colors. Autumn in California is just the perfect weather for some light clothing attire. Here are perfect essentials for you to have in your closet for the upcoming Autumn weather. 

  1. Thermal Waffle Knit Long Sleeves: Due to the fabric’s ability to retain body heat, waffle weave shirts keep you warmer than traditional long sleeves. Consequently, one won’t need to bother about wearing a jacket. 
  1. Puffers: A puffer ranges from a vest or a whole jacket. Black puffer jackets are suitable for cooler, non-windy days that are ideal for keeping one warm. Vests are ideal for the milder days because of the distinct warmth they produce and how lightweight they are. Not to add that puffer vests cost far less than puffer coats.
  1. Slippers: For fall, slippers are the ideal footwear choice. There are so many different colors and styles available. One of my favorite brands, Ugg, has slippers made of grade-A sheepskin, although Ugg tends to be more expensive. Depending on the style and brand of slippers, prices do vary. Although certain slippers might not be the most fashionable or go well with a nice pair of jeans, they are unquestionably the most comfortable footwear.
  1. Boots: Yet another set of shoes that complement several outfits. Boots’ non-cloth outer layer offers a decent deal of protection from rainy days. They not only shield you from the rain, but they also keep your feet warm on frigid days by retaining heat.