Tribute to the Past Or Hint to the Future

By Keira De Vita

It was on the night of August 28 2022, when singer/songwriter Taylor Swift arrived at the VMAs dressed in dazzling Oscar de la Renta dress, something that hit a little too close to home for her fans. The dress particularly resembles a dress she wore to the 09’ VMAs, later replicated in the “Look What You Made Me Do” (LWYMMD) music video from Swift’s ninth studio album, Reputation. The dress raised excitement for fans, due to the fact the majority of them, including myself, theorized that she would perform “LWYMMD” (Taylor’s Version) the night of the VMAs or maybe even announce Reputation (Taylor’s Version). 

Many questions were raised. Why did Swift wear the dress, what was the point? Does everything she wears have some correlation to new projects she is working on?  At this point her fans, to the outside world, sound insane. Why would one artist put so much detail into projects? No one is quite sure how the mind of Taylor Swift works, it is a whole fitness class of itself trying to even begin to learn. 

Swift’s lucky number is thirteen. This number is used in various ways to show significance. One of the many reasons that fans theorized that she would release something in relation with Reputation is due to the fact that this year marks thirteen years since the 09’ VMAs, thirteen years since Kayne West came up on stage and interrupted Swift’s acceptance speech for “Best Female Video” (the video can be found on YouTube). Since then, a feud between Swift and West have occurred which over time lead to Swift’s year of radio silence, “Nobody physically saw me for a year, I thought that’s what they wanted” said Swift in the trailer for Miss Americana documentary (available on Netflix). She also goes on to say that she grew tired of  “fighting for people’s respect.” The new Taylor Swift shocked the globe as she transitioned from America’s sweetheart to a pop star. 

Eager fans can turn a blind eye and say this means nothing, but if there is someone to drop hints like this, it would be Taylor Swift. This in all leaves the question flying high in the sky: is Taylor Swift’s 22’ VMA dress a tribute to the past, a statement even, or is it a hint to a surprisingly near future?