Westmont Crossword

By Madeline Crowley

1. The name of Westmont’s mascot
2. Our schools mascot
3. The place you go during school when you are seeking assistance with scheduling, technology, attendance, or medical issues.
4. A calm place you can visit during school to help with mental health and or stress.
5. The name of our principal
6. The group of students in charge of organizing school spirit and fun school events
7. A popular cheer from our football games… Let's get a little bit
8. Every warrior needs a
9. The Westmont club that focuses on inspiring, leading, and improving the lives of our school's freshmen.
10. The name of the street our school is on?
11. The name of the program we use to organize our classes, assignments, and grades?
12. The Westmont homecoming tradition where girls and nonfootball members participate in a lunchtime flag football game where the boys cheer for them?
13. The name we have adopted for the football stadium regarding its shape?
14. The short, 25 min period where students get to pick one of their teachers' classrooms to go to and study?
15. The name of the short dance that each class performs for the other students at lunch during spirit weeks.
16. A title that Westmont seniors can earn when they have completed 3 or more AP's, participated in 3 or more sports or activities, and maintained a GPA of at least 3.0 throughout their high school years.
17. The sophomore class color