My Bulging Suitcase

By Cynthia Andary 

Let’s get right to the point: I pack excessively. My outfits are cuter because of this trait, but traveling is considerably harder. I can go for a week and still pack half of my wardrobe, majority of my shoes, and all of my accessories. I noticed this started happening when I started shopping more. When I go on vacation, I find it difficult to plan my clothing in advance because I never know what I’ll feel like wearing or what I’ll be doing. For instance, I traveled for a week to Los Angeles with my friend Nadia last summer. When packing I convinced myself that I’m probably going to need more. However, that was not the case. I made mistakes like packing two different thick hoodies ignoring that it was summer and only needed one for night time. I packed two pairs of jeans even though I only wore shorts. And multiple bathing suits even though we went to the pool once. To put it simply, I didn’t need most of the items I brought, and the extra clothing only made getting around tougher. In all reality, nobody really needs a carry-on plus a large suitcase for a short trip. Knowing your itinerary in advance will enable you to pack appropriately, saving space and stress when getting ready. Therefore, avoid making the same mistake I did and make your life easy by organizing your plans to reduce overpacking.