Come Sync Up with Us 

By Rachel Walker 

One of Westmont’s newest clubs, the Period club, is a national organization that strives to provide menstrual equity to all people across the world by promoting service, education, and advocacy for all menstruators. Co-Presidents Lauren Marino and Jacqui Mclean wanted to bring the Period club to Westmont because the two noticed a lack of products available on campus and wondered how many other menstruators were in need. Although Westmont added dispensers in the bathrooms, they are often left empty, “So,” Marino says “ We decided to take matters into our own hands.” Jacqui and Lauren talked about what they could do to solve the problem, not only at our school but nationwide. The two decided on campus that they wanted to hold drives to collect supplies and clothes for menstruators who cannot afford the luxury of supplies. Furthermore, they would like to help in keeping the dispensers in the bathrooms filled, to provide necessary products to students. Period talk is often stigmatized and deemed as a dirty subject. Mclean states, “By promoting menstrual health as a community and school we not only can help those in need but also can help the negative connotation around periods and make people realize they are just part of health.” To stay updated on news for Period Club follow them on Instagram @whsperiod.