Coastal Cuisine

By Collin Murray

Located on Soquel Avenue in Santa Cruz, Charlie Hong Kong is a small Southeast Asian street food joint serving up delicious rice and noodle bowls, Vietnamese sandwiches, and salads, with more than enough vegan and vegetarian options. Although it appears small from the outside, there is plenty of seating in the covered patio under the vibrant green awning. The service is both helpful and quick, always delivering your food within a timely manner even at their busiest hours, and adjusting any meal at the request of the customer. 

My personal favorite meal is the Hoisin Pork Vietnamese Sandwich. With a lavish number of strips of marinated pork stuffed into the baguette, complemented with shredded carrot, mint, and pickled radish, lathered in both sweet hoisin sauce and spicy mayo, the sandwich is a perfected classic, and sure to satisfy your cravings. But this isn’t the only good item on Charlie Hong Kong’s extensive menu, I highly recommend trying Spicy Dan’s Peanut Delight, the Chicken Teriyaki Rice Bowl, and the Chili Sesame Noodle Salad.