The Evolution of Coach K’s Fashion

By Haris Kadich

Westmont’s Coach K, also known as Mark Kannapu, has unquestionably developed his sense of style this school year and won the respect of students all throughout campus. His switch from Westmont clothing to loose Hawaiian shirts is remarkable. After being interviewed, Mark Kaanapu said, “Big and Tall is my favorite store to buy at since they have items that fit and make me feel comfortable.” Kaanapu likes to dress in Hawaiian shirts because they are flowy and comfortable. Even though he claims to not enjoy shopping, he occasionally goes out and finds a number of items that he truly likes. Although he is not a picky shopper, he enjoys putting together a stylish look. When I asked him what he would wear on a fancy night out, Kaanapu replied, “I actually like wearing suits and ties with the clothes that actually fit, and that’s always been a struggle. However, in the last few years since I’ve lost some weight now I can get back into what I call suited and booted when I’m wearing ties and slacks and shoes, but overall the number one thing for me is comfortability when I’m thinking about my wardrobe.” Last but not least, when I asked Mark Kaanapu what his favorite shoes are, he replied, “My favorite shoes are Sketchers because I have flat, wide feet, and they seem to give me the best support in both my arches and my heels because I spend the entire day standing up, both in the classroom and on the practice field.”  Mark Kaanapu has been my football coach for the past 3 years and I have seen his sense of style change throughout the years.  One of his most famous sayings is “(W.I.N) What’s important now,” and this year fashion is a little more important to him than in other years.