The Best Wraps Around

By Isabel Kikoshima

Throughout the summer, I spent most of my time eating out and trying new restaurants with my friends. One of the gems we discovered included World Wraps in The Pruneyard. This was one of our go-to’s since the restaurant has lots of vegetarian options and something for everyone. 

When I first went to World Wraps, I tried the island teriyaki bowl with chicken. Filled with grilled pineapple, stir fried veggies and chicken, crunchy macadamia nuts, and a sweet teriyaki sauce on a bed of sushi rice, this teriyaki bowl never disappoints. While I have tried other items on their menu, I always go back to ordering this super satisfying and tasty bowl.

Not only does World Wraps have delicious wraps, but also mouth-watering drinks. Providing the perfect amount of sweetness, most of their drinks such as the pineapple mint agua fresca and dragon fruit, include fresh fruit. Personally, I love their strawberry lemonade because this beverage has a superb ratio between sweet and tart. While this location does not have boba on its menu yet, their drinks still compliment the wraps well and taste better than most drinks found at boba cafes. 

Certainly, World Wraps has something for everyone. From nori wraps, to quesadillas and fresh fruit drinks, World Wraps has many delicious options to choose from. The next time you find yourself near the Pruneyard, I would highly recommend giving World Wraps a try.