Doja Cat’s New Look

By Madeline Crowley

A shock to her fans, on Thursday, August 5, the popular hip hop/pop artist, Doja Cat, revealed her freshly shaved head on an Instagram live as she was busy shaving off her eyebrows as well. “I feel like I was never supposed to have hair anyway,” explained Doja. Prior to her haircut she had always felt that hair was an inconvenience and impractical for everyday activities. Looking back, there was never a point in time where she recalls actually liking having hair because of the constant need to keep up with it. With the toxic social media culture our generation faces today and the lingering feeling of always caring about what others think of you, imaginably worse for celebrities, it is understandable how one can get tired of constantly trying to maintain their physical appearance. Doja specifically mentioned how she dealt with the urge of having to fix her hair every few seconds and the uncomfortable stink and sweat it created as she was working out at the gym. This was her tipping point in deciding to shave her head because she realized that her concern for her appearance was so strong that it was affecting her own mental health. Happier than ever, Doja was shocked that it took her this long to decide to shave it off. While some fans were unsupportive of her decision, Doja managed to make the clear statement that it is important to be unique and to do what makes you feel the most confident and happy. One of Doja’s supporters, the American actress Joey King, agrees that shaving your head is truly self empowering and argues that every girl should do it at some point in their lives. Will you be the next to join in on Doja Cat’s new style?