My Recents

By Keira De Vita

The world of music has captivated me for as long as I can remember. I will gladly recommend endless hours of music to anyone who asks. No matter how many artists or playlists I discover, Taylor Swift and Disney music have an extremely large compartment in my heart, a whole part of my heart that pumps, flowing my love for these artists through my veins. As one does, I cycle through phases of different songs or albums from these artists. As of now, I am extremely obsessed with the entirety of Speak Now, Swift’s third studio album, and “I won’t Say (I’m in love)” From Disney’s Hercules soundtrack. 

Although I am extremely enthusiastic about all of Taylor Swift’s albums, this summer, I could not stop blasting Speak Now in my car, specifically with the windows rolled half way down. The album, released in 2010, explores Swift’s heartbreaks and experience with significant others. Despite everything in my being, I find myself unable to pick a favorite song from this underrated masterpiece, but “Better Than Revenge”, “Speak Now”, and “Story Of Us” always somehow finds its way onto the queue to start off an amazing drive in the car.

I grew up engulfed in Disney movies and music. As a child, I dressed up multiple times as different princesses and even now I belt the words to every song. My summer was spent around kids at a summer camp, singing my heart out along with them. Disney always surprises me in some way. Just when people say you are “too old for Disney,” new movies are released or old soundtracks and movies resurface and trend on social media platforms. Personally, I am enthralled by the Hercules (1997) film. This Disney classic set in Greece explores the story of the god Hercules, where he ventures to prove himself as a god. Everything from the music to the plot absolutely encapsulates me. The mix of pop, gospel, and soul are the perfect combination of genres for this magnificent movie. The gospel genre is something that Disney does not tap into much, but they executed it magnificently. In my opinion, the extremely enthralling world of gospel music brings an energetic life to most every song from Hercules.

I get lost in these musical realities as I am thrown down rabbit holes and come out obsessed with everything an artist has ever been associated with or has released. I am the one girl at rallies, who (if I know the song), will be at the front shouting it out to the best of my abilities. My recent favorites become a staple for a solid four months, get added on to every playlist, and then at a later date are shuffled through. Once a song I used to be hyper fixated on resurfaces on my queue, I am brought joy and I am able to resonate with my obsession for music, and Taylor Swift.