Underrated Reality TV shows

By Anjali Nayak and Jupiter Polevoi

Reality TV makes me feel better about myself. There’s no better way to forget about my bad decisions than by watching other people make even worse decisions. Other people might push reality shows to the side, labeling them as a guilty pleasure. I’m not like other people. I love reality TV and I am proud. However, even such a godsend might have some flaws. We’ve all seen Dance Moms, America’s Next Top Model, and The Bachelor, so it might be time for something new. Never fear, the world of reality TV is large and forgiving. Here’s a list of some of the most underrated shows I’ve stumbled across. 

  1. South Beach Tow

Words cannot describe the amount of happiness this show brings to me. Shaping my formative years, South Beach Tow bestowed upon me the foundation of my sense of humor. The trials and tribulations of Bernice the tow truck driver and her sidekick Dave have taught me life lessons beyond my years. Such a show has made its way into my vocabulary, as I have found myself shouting, “Bernice don’t back down!” multiple times in my life. 

  1. Kitchen Nightmares 

This show is the primary source of any information I know about food. While Kitchen Nightmares is filled with a number of grotesque, ugly, and abominable restaurants, “Amy’s Baking Company” is by far the best episode. Ran by a crazy cat lady, the dishes reminisce of the easy bake recipes I made when I was four years old. 

  1. Big Boss India 

The south asian counterpart to Big Brother packs quite a punch. The best part of the show by far is the tantrum thrown by resident drama queen Pooja. Obviously very angry, she kicks a trash can “by mistake” and proceeds to break a broom. Giving the most badass villain monologue to be shown on TV, Pooja weaves between a multitude of accents. The scene combines the very best of reality television. From the chaos to the underlying tension, the show is fantabulous. 

  1. Dr. Phil 

While I don’t condone certain decisions Dr. Phil has made, I will admit that this show is quite a hoot. One of the more underrated episodes is the introduction of Orrin, someone who claims to be a cyborg. Believing that he was sent on a mission to research and build information concerning humanity, he has drifted away from friends and family. 

  1. Chrisely Knows Best 

First recommended to me by junior Gwen Geiman, this show is something special. Following the lives of multimillionaire real estate developer Todd Chrisley, his wife Julie, and their children, the show is able to send me cackling on the floor. I’m especially fond of Nanny Faye’s antics whenever she appears on the show. 

  1. 90 Day Fiance

Filled with creepy men and relationships that’ll honestly never work in this lifetime, TLC’s 90 Day Fiance will leave you feeling much better about yourself and your love life. The show follows relationships between someone in the U.S. and someone internationally, and their journey to get married in 90 days under the K1 Visa. Many might know internet sensation “Big Ed” from the show, and here’s a video recapping some of his best moments.