Voyage on the High Sea 

By Henry Stern

Tell one, tell all; my silent ship’s set sail— 

Iridescent glim’ring hooks the Iris. 

Cool winds whisk, crew taunt “deadmen tell no tales…”

Kissed “bye,” to be writ on glassed papyrus. 

Time heals all wounds, yet some stay stained in shame—

On this, I stay content; my wild mild child. 

Cruel conscience seeds regret, yet grows by blame… Kronos’ sand seeps, keeps Koios’ isle. 

Tell me, “Who’s you?” “Who’s there?” “ Who’s who?” You too— I see, your fate rains down your weary face. 

CRACK! Zeus reigns ocean, land, and sky; My Blue… Keels over as I cry. “Heave-ho” un-graced, 

Sour tongue, foul mind—doth time guar’tee impend—

Take chance; seek self, till time makes dust my friend.