To The Class of ’22

By Aarushi Wadhwa

To the class of ‘22

I can’t believe how fast the years flew

When we entered high school, we all lacked dominance

And now as we leave, we exude confidence

I went through high school with upperclassmen telling me “it’ll go by fast”

I never used to believe them, but now I can’t believe high school has already passed

It feels like just yesterday that we were saying our initial “hi”s

And now it is already time to say our final goodbyes

Our last AP tests are done

And now the countdown of our final days of highschool have begun

These past four years have been full of so many ups and downs 

But we persevered and now it’s time to proudly wear our caps and gowns

No matter what the next chapter of our lives entail, we will take it in stride 

And we will always share our everlasting Warrior pride

To my peers in the class of 22

I can’t wait to see all that you do!