Time Changes Perspective

By Omri Shahar

I always thought high school was going to be forever. When I was a freshman, just beginning high school, even as a sophomore, high school was the thing I dreaded most. Not the physical aspect of being in school every day, that wasn’t that bad. You get to hang out with your friends and (sometimes) learn cool stuff. Just the fact that I knew I was going to be stuck doing the same boring thing for the next four years. I couldn’t wait to get out. My plan was to get as far away as possible. Well, I guess it didn’t matter as long as I moved away, got a fresh start. But slowly, as junior year started to end and senior year rolled around, I started to realize, it didn’t really matter. In fact, I had a moment of realization, actual sadness about moving away, having to restart, not see my friends or family, and having to physically restart my life. That’s when I realized the last thing I wanted to do right now was move away. Through everything I struggled with, everything that made me want a fresh start, my friends and family were there to help me. Instead, I set a goal for SJSU, a great engineering program that I knew I had a good chance of getting into. And a year later, here I am, happy with my decision. Don’t get me wrong, I am going to love the freedom and independence that comes with moving out, but the separation from my friends and family is going to be way more difficult and emotional then I could have ever predicted. Luckily my decision to stay in the area is going to pay off, as three of my closest friends will also be attending college closeby. It won’t be the same as high school, but I imagine the pros will outway the cons.

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