Real Estates Role

By Cuinn Huber 

Gentrification has ravaged low income communities all over the country and you can thank luxury real estate developers for that. Local and federal government officials partner with these developers and exchange campaign funds for “building up” their communities–otherwise known as gentrification. For example, the corporate house Democrats received millions of dollars from luxury apartment company Marcus and Milicap just before the eviction moratorium expired last summer. Nancy Pelosi also got a 263,000 dollar personal donation from them last June. Real estate developers have pushed out the locals, resulting in thousands of low income people being evicted from their homes, kickstarting the gentrifying process. With politicians’ getting incentives from these large housing corporations in order to “build up”, it’s basically considered insider trading. The fact that they got all of this money then gave this company what they wanted is basically insider trading. In order to put this to a stop, we need to make sure that corporate lawmakers stop getting elected, regardless of party. Until we as a country take joint action to stop this, gentrification will be ravaging our communities for years to come.