Different Hot Girl Summer

By Jupiter Polevoi

My days now consist of gawking at the weather app trying to plan my outfits around the weather. How is it supposed to be 90 degrees and sunny one day, and then 60 and rainy the very next day? It appalls me that people still don’t believe that global warming exists, and it scares me that people don’t understand just how little time we have to make changes. 

According to the recent IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) reports, we have a very small window of time to make the changes needed, and it may be impossible to reverse if global warming temperatures increase by just 2 degrees celsius. The increased usage and burning of fossil fuels, constant oil spills, and mass deforestation are just some of the things contributing to climate change, and people seem to take advantage of the resources handed to us by mother nature.

So you’re probably wondering, “Jupiter, what can I, one little person, do about the huge climate crisis?” If you think about it, if 100 people have that mentality, that’s 100 people who are able to make a difference. I’m part of a youth-led climate justice movement, Sunrise, and we fight for a sustainable future while creating accessible jobs in the process. You don’t have to switch your entire lifestyle, but maybe try going vegan for a week, or keep buying an electric car in mind.

Resources: sunrisesiliconvalley.org